Ireland’s Most Advanced Physical Therapy Practice

Sports Injury Clinic Services

  • Advanced sports injury rehab.Peter_Maher_Sports – (Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, Shinsplints, Runners knee, ITB friction syndrome, Hamstring tears grades 1 and 2, Low lumbar strain, Psoas tendinitis,groin strain, Tennis elbow, Frozen shoulder.)
  • Advanced deep tissue massage.
  • Neuromuscular trigger point therapy.
  • Active isolated assisted stretching program.

Running and Movement Services

  • Advanced coaching systemspeter_born_again_runner_london from Peter Maher (2:11 Marathoner, former 25km World Record Holder)
  • Orthotic Lab. Including (Quintec video gait analysis, Static and dynamic pressure plate gait analysis, Laser cat scan system.)