We at Maher Sports Therapy, offer a unique experience. State of the art technology meets hands on experience of excellence. The Maher Sports Therapy centre is one of a kind in the world. Fashioned from Peter Maher’s vast personal wealth of knowledge from worldwide treatments garnered over three decades of receiving and employing and studying all forms of Body Work. Fifteen years as a world class and Olympic Marathon Runner, Peter now has arrived at a point of establishing one of his life time ambitions, that of a centre where the use of this knowledge and a beautiful luxurious building have brought this to life.


The holistic hands on approach combined with state of the art facilities, allows for the health benefits of Maher Sports therapy to bring relief to both acute and chronic conditions. The use of our infra red saunas combined with hydrotherapy pools bring about systemic blood flow, removal of stress while relaxing in this unique glass environment with wonderful views of nature. We are now in the best possible position to address your specific condition while your body is fully relaxed and in the optimal state to receive the various types of manual physical therapies we apply. After your therapy many people find that they return for regular treatments to maintain their health and wellbeing.


An Olympic Marathon runner Peter put his body through huge training routines regularly running over 160 miles per week. Injuries,aches and pains were the hallmark of this routine. Living and training in Canada, Florida, Mexico and Barbados, with many altitude training camps in Boulder USA, Toluca Mexico, Peter understands that maintaining optimum performance requires regular body work to maintain fitness and wellness. Maher Sports therapy is a composite of these experiences. Daily use of Hydrotherapy pools in Florida to ease out the aches and pains after grueling training sessions, are vital in keeping suppleness. The use of Saunas to prepare the body for training as a passive warm up and additionally to recover post activity. These are vital in aiding the body pre and post training. The benefits of both are important in maintaining suppleness and flexibility, and also aid in preparation and recovery. These diverse methods coupled knowledgeable hands on therapy had the net effect of allowing Peter 19 marathon victories with a personal best of 2:11:46 in the world cup London 1991.

Through study and working with therapists such as Gerard Hartman, and Aaron Mattes in Gainsville, Florida, during 1990, where this proved to be a valuable learning curve. In working with, Mr.James Waslowski, and completing three sports injury educational videos, was an honour and hugely influential. Anatomy Trains developer, Mr. Tom Myers has had a big influence. So my personal influences are drawn from both being recipient and student and now for over 15 years a practitioner, from a diverse and excellent reservoir of personal experience and knowledge.

How we operate:

On your first visit to Maher Sports Therapy we will conduct a full personal consultation, taking into account your past and present health, sports and lifestyle. This history enables the treatments to be tailored to your specific needs. All details are in strict confidence. Our treatments last between 75 min and 90 min depending on your suitability for the various treatments we employ. You are required to bring a towel and swimsuit, so as you can use the complete range of treatments at our disposal. We look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Contact us at 021 437 5582